ABBYY Translation Management System

Have you ever wished for a way to manage your translation projects
that was simple and covered all the bases? A system so transparent
that you could easily track your projects and know their exact status
at any given time?

Our Translation Management System does all that and even more by

  • managing translation projects powered by MS SharePoint 2013.
  • collecting information flows and content in one place so you always have a clear view of all activities from the translation department, contractors, freelance translators, etc.
  • integrating with MS Office applications, which allows users to work in their own familiar environment.

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ABBYY Translation Management System was designed so you can effectively manage your translation projects without specialized knowledge.


Key TMS Advantages:

1. Centralization.

All the information about each project, including translators and their performance indicators, project-related payments, translation check results, quality information, etc. is collected in one place. Additionally, all project materials can be stored in the TMS for instant access, instead of having to access them from diverse locations or even email.

2. Simplicity.

An elegant and intuitive interface allows you to access and work online via your favorite browser, with no need for any additional software.

3. Flexible customization.

TMS is powered by MS SharePoint 2013, which allows you to make any required data representation, create additional fields to describe projects, use a variety of workflows to automate the translation cycle and much more.

4. Familiar Environment.

New documents may be added directly to the TMS using MS Office; properties for the new project are specified directly from the application and the document itself is attached to the project. The project manager monitoring translations receives a notification of the new project and the translated document is received automatically via email.

5. Ability to integrate with other systems.

The open architecture of TMS allows it to interact and integrate with all our services, including the ABBYY Translation Cloud.

6. KPI.


Customized, automatic calculation of any performance indicators.


ABBYY Translation Management System

ABBYY Translation Management System